• Green

Naam Set Kleur Type
Abolish Prophecy White instant
Abolisher of Bloodlines Eldritch Moon Creature
Abominable Treefolk Modern Horizons Green, Blue Creature
Abomination Fourth Edition Black Creature
Abomination Legends Black Creature
Abomination of Gudul Khans of Tarkir Black, Green, Blue Creature
Aboroth Weatherlight Green Creature
Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor Odyssey Blue Creature
Aboshan's Desire Odyssey Blue Enchantment
About Face Urza's Legacy Red instant
Abrade Hour of Devastation Red instant
Abrupt Decay GRN Guild Kit Black, Green instant
Abrupt Decay Modern Masters 2017 Black, Green instant
Abrupt Decay Return to Ravnica Black, Green instant
Absolute Grace Urza's Saga White Enchantment
Absolute Law Urza's Saga White Enchantment
Absolver Thrull Guildpact White Creature
Absorb Invasion Blue, White instant
Absorb Ravnica Allegiance Blue, White instant
Absorb Vis Conspiracy: Take the Crown Black Sorcery
Absorb Vis Conflux Black Sorcery
Absorb Vis Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Black Sorcery
Absorb Vis Modern Masters Black Sorcery
Abstruse Interference Oath of the Gatewatch instant
Abu Ja'far Arabian Nights White Creature